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SmartHarness™ - Personalized No-Pull Dog Harness - Smart Harness

SmartHarness™ - Personalized No-Pull Dog Harness


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"My Jack Russell has always pulled like a train, despite help from a professional. I've tried various anti-pull collars and harnesses, too, to no avail. This actually seems to work!!

The harness seems strong and sturdy, and both straps and padded parts feel softer than I expected - really comfortable for my dog. The plastic clip buckles are not as flimsy as some I've seen. The straps are not easy to alter - but in the other hand, neither do they slip when in use, like others I've had, thumbs up from me!"

  ⭐- Hayley Martin
 Verified Buyer

Walks with our dogs are the highlight of their day, and as dog owners we know the importance of safe walking gear. Traditional collars apply repetitive pressure to your dog's neck causing discomfort and even lead to serious injuries over time. Dog pulling can result in chronic pain or even tracheal collapse which not only leaves your dog suffering but also affects their long-term health. The constant pulling can be really frustrating for those of us who want our pet to be happy and go on pleasant, leisurely walks.

The SmartHarness™ features a unique WalkSafe system that provides superior back and lateral support helping alleviate tension from your dog's neck and spine preventing injury. Each SmartHarness™ guarantees the safety of your furry best friend through a patented design for exceptional safety and quality. Never again worry about dog pulling and guarantee a happy and comfortable walk each day! 


REDUCES RISK OF NECK INJURY: SmartHarness™ features a patented tension redistribution design to reduce neck pressure and control pulling. Dogs will have the ability to walk with comfort making pet ownershappier with more enjoyable walks.

PERSONALIZED SAFETY: Available in 5 vibrant colors and customizable with a dog's name and owner's phone number(optional). Dogs will not only look adorable with a name tag, but owners will feel safer with the high-vis front strap at night and can easily be contacted if needed. 


SmartHarness™ comes with 1 click Easy Slip ON/OFF secure strap and buckle. Pet owners will save time and energy daily and be ready to head out in under 3 seconds

 STRESS-FREE WALKS: SmartHarness™ is designed to spread tension and greatly discourage pulling. Pet owners will gain more control over their walks and perfect their pup's leash skills for carefree and more pleasant walks. 

 PERFECT FIT FOR ANY DOG: With 6 adjustable sizes, each SmartHarness™ is uniquely engineered to fit all breeds. Built for maximum comfort while in use, the SmartHarness™ allows canine companions of all sizes to walk freely and embrace any environment!

1. Slowly place the harness over the neck
2. Adjust the under strap to fit snug (First time only)
3. Fasten the harness with the safety buckle
4. Attach leash clip to D-ring on back
5. Give your pup a treat, and enjoy the walk! 

We understand how self-conscious we can be when walking outside and our dogs are constantly pulling. It can be very frustrating, having to constantly pull the leash and worry about hurting them or even causing injuries due to pulling. Serious injuries such as spinal misalignment or tracheal collapse leading to surgeries impacting their long-term health! According to a recent study in the United States, an average of 26,000 dogs a year suffer from collar-related injuries.

With the SmartHarness™, we can take a deep breath 
and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with constant pulling! SmartHarness™ fixes more than just pulling, it brings back trust and safety in your pet walks. Now, you'll never have to doubt whether you're hurting your animal for a second, your comfortable harness will fit effortlessly and you can be sure it will protect your pup every step of the way!

Superior material: Durable nylon well-padded mesh, heavy-duty D-ring, and snap buckle

Material lining: Breathable lightweight inner liner, moisture-wicking for cooling and outdoor adventures

Personalized to you: 2 custom printed closure name tags attached

Features: Nylon All-Weather fabric, IP68 Waterproof, No-pull, Easy Slip-on, and machine washable, WalkSafe harness

✔️ Our SmartHarness™ promise

We believe in the quality of our products therefore we offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us there is ZERO Risk to you!

As pet owners - We understand.

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